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Saying Goodbye

Saying goodbye is hard, especially when you have had to do it so many times before. In the past couple weeks I have had to say goodbye to my physical therapist of a year and a half, and to my youth group leader who changed me and the youth ministry in so many ways. Relationships… Continue reading Saying Goodbye

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I got this shirt on Etsy. Blue is the color for Dysautonomia Awareness.😊 Hey All,  In case you didn't know, October is Dysautonomia Awareness month. Dysautonomia currently has no cure. Thankfully, people are starting to become more aware of it and are finding new discoveries with it.  I have had Dysuatonomia for almost 6 years… Continue reading Awareness

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World Mental Health Day

Hey All,  When I saw that today is World Mental Health Day, I wanted to share my thoughts. Living with a Chronic Illness, depression and anxiety have made a huge impact in my life. When this whole thing started, I was pretty much convinced that this was something I couldn't overcome. I knew that it… Continue reading World Mental Health Day


Dysauto- What?

The Chronic Illness I live with is Dysautonomia. When I tell people my diagnosis, I am usually struck with a confused look and the question "what is that?". Of course that is to be expected. Dysautonomia isn't well known, but not uncommon. There are over 70 million people diagnosed with Dysautonomia, yet it remains a… Continue reading Dysauto- What?