Keepin’ It Open..Sorta

Hey All, One of the changes that I have found extremely hard with a chronic illness is being open about it. When this all started, I was literally writing on facebook every day about all the tests I had done and all my symptoms. I think everyone went through that stage with facebook at one… Continue reading Keepin’ It Open..Sorta

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Saying “Goodbyes” again…

I wrote a post a couple months ago about saying, "goodbye," I would like to say that since then I have learned how to deal with change and goodbyes but I haven't. They are still hard and they still suck. This time around I am saying, "goodbye," to my surgeon and to the pastor of… Continue reading Saying “Goodbyes” again…


Little Miss Stubborn 

Hey All, I have been thinking about my strengths and weaknesses as a person. As you know, realizing and accepting your weaknesses is hard. But it is important. For myself, personally, I acknowledge that a weakness of mine is being stubborn. You are probably thinking "stubborn, really?". Let me explain. I never really thought of… Continue reading Little Miss Stubborn 

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What Will You Do When It Ends?

This post ties in with my previous post titled, Living Life. Often times I find myself thinking, "what will I do when things end?" "What will I do after college? What will I do after this appointment? What will I do after hanging out with this friend?" Instead of focusing on the moment, the here and… Continue reading What Will You Do When It Ends?