I Am My Illness

Hey All,

I see this saying a lot. The saying of “My illlness doesn’t define me.” When I first heard this, I took it with a grain of salt and thought “That’s right!”. After all, it is a nice thing to say. As I am getting older, I have a new perspective of this saying. 

I do believe my chronic illness defines me. What I have gone through with having an illness has made me who I am right now. While I am living with this, my chronic illness is me. It is a part of my every day life. It affects everything I do. 

Living with a chronic illness is hard, sad, frustrating, lonely, etc, but on a positive note, I have gained so much from it as well. Some of the tools I have assimilated to help manage my illness is something that I will always have, even when my illness gets better. I see this as a rewarding thing to come out of it. So even when the day comes in the future where my illness is less prominent, I will look back on this time in my life and think about how my chronic illness defined me. The lessons I learned from this. The kind of person it made me. 

I think my chronic illness will always be a part of me to some extent. Right now, it is me. But soon, it will just be another sliver of a thing called life. I know there is so much more to come. All I can do is keep looking forward. It’s all in God’s hands❤️ 




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