Taco Salad

Hey All,

Today my mom and I went out to lunch today with a couple of close friends. We decided to try this place called the “Vegan Café” which is near my house, and surprisingly I have never never heard of it! 

With a chronic illness, diet is a huge thing that can help symptoms or make symptoms worse. I like to think I eat fairly healthy, but I mostly just eat whatever I know won’t make me feel sick. I figured trying out this new place would be cool since vegan is not what I am used to, and I knew it couldn’t hurt😊

I got what is called a Taco Salad. It included taco meat, guacamole, spring greens, sour cream, salsa, and corn flax chips. I thought it was good for what is was. 

I don’t think I would go back to a place like that. It is just not me. But I am glad I got the experience regardless. However, if you are into Raw Vegan food, I would definitely recommend it. The food is very fresh and well prepared. I think the café is super cute and the service was great as well.😊




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