Days Are Long, Years Are Short

Hey all!

“Days are long, years are short.” Have you ever heard that saying before? I first heard it when my chiropractor was talking to my mom about it and used that saying to describe what it is like having babies. Even though I have heard it mostly associated  with motherhood/fatherhood, I think it fits just as well with life in general. 

It hit me yesterday for some reason that it is August. It made me think how in less than 5 months, it will be another new year. It made me think about my life with a chonric illness. How was it 6 years ago that this all started? Seems like a lifetime ago, and yet, I feel like not much has changed. I think I have talked briefly about the “deja vu” sensation that comes along with a chronic illness. It feels the same story every day, every year. As 6 years have gone by, I realized how overwhelming and scary everything feels every day, only to realize that it has gone by so fast. The future has always been a scary concept for me thinking about how my illness is going to play out within it and where it will take me. But that is the exciting part of it too. When you know you hit the lowest of lows, you know you have nowhere to go but up from there😊 

Hope you are having a great Sunday. The Bachelorette finale is on tomorrow. Wohoo! Haha. 




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