Blood of Life 

Can you guess what fun thing I did today?!  If you guessed blood work, you are correct!  I had to get blood drawn because I haven't had it done in a while and it is good to just check up on everything. Especially because my body/symptoms are so weird and complex.  I have gotten blood… Continue reading Blood of Life 

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MRIs and more

Don't I just looked thrilled to have gone through yet another MRI????😂😂😂  Honestly this is like my 100th MRI. I have had so many done for my head and a couple for my hips. Today was for my left hip. I spent 4.5 hours at Midwest Orthepedics at Rush University Medical Center today. Started my… Continue reading MRIs and more


An Apple A Day Doesn’t Keep My Doctor Away

Another Day, Another Appoinment Hey! I had my quarterly visit with my neurologist today. I had another doctor who actually diagnosed me with Dysautonomia, but he recently moved to California 😦 and recommended me  to this doctor. He has been a great fit. He even agreed to take a picture with me ☺. He is… Continue reading An Apple A Day Doesn’t Keep My Doctor Away

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Getting To Know Us

Hi Friends! My name is Brooke. I am 17 years old and currently a senior in high school. My story starts out pretty normal. I was a thriving 12 year old. I had many interests including cheerleading, dance, chorus, and cooking. I was never the one that hated school. In fact, I was the opposite. I really liked school… Continue reading Getting To Know Us