Dysautonomia Fact #1

Did You Know?... Dysautonomia is fairly common; more than 70 million people around the world live with different forms of Dysautonomia. This fact always startles me. It is not a rare condition and yet it not well known and understood by most doctors. I think that is what makes it so frustrating!  This is my… Continue reading Dysautonomia Fact #1

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“I’m Sorry, I Can’t”

One of the most frustrating thing with chronic illness is making plans. For me, I know I need to make plans or else I will never leave my room but I also know there's a good chance those plans will have to be modified or cancelled. Contrary to popular belief, it's not because I don't… Continue reading “I’m Sorry, I Can’t”

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“I’m Tired”

It means I'm exhausted. I physically and mentally can't do anything anymore. The thought of moving a limb or even blinking seems impossible. It means I'm in so much pain (mentally, physically, sometimes both) that I no longer feel like I can continue living life. I can't cover up the pain anymore or control it.… Continue reading “I’m Tired”

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Locked-In Throwback

About two and a half years ago I found myself at a LifeTeen (youth group) lock-in at my church. Before this point I had never been able to stay overnight at any activities because of my anxiety. This night I wanted to be different though but as everyone started getting ready for bed, I felt… Continue reading Locked-In Throwback

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Saying “Goodbyes” again…

I wrote a post a couple months ago about saying, "goodbye," I would like to say that since then I have learned how to deal with change and goodbyes but I haven't. They are still hard and they still suck. This time around I am saying, "goodbye," to my surgeon and to the pastor of… Continue reading Saying “Goodbyes” again…