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“I’m Sorry, I Can’t”

One of the most frustrating thing with chronic illness is making plans. For me, I know I need to make plans or else I will never leave my room but I also know there's a good chance those plans will have to be modified or cancelled. Contrary to popular belief, it's not because I don't… Continue reading “I’m Sorry, I Can’t”

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30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 26 

What impact has this had on your friends, family, partner, parents, etc? Brooke- There has been a lot of impact. I think people are dealing with it in their own way, but it has made the people in my life more concerned and aware around me for sure! I think that as a whole is the… Continue reading 30 Day Chronic Illness Challenge: Day 26 

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Best Friends and Hot Tubs

Hey! On Sunday, my brothers and I went to our friend Bethany's house. It was so cozy. We sat and played card games and a couple of nonsense games. Haha and then we went in the hot tub afterwards which was so much fun considering it was 33° out, but nothing us Chicagoans can't handle;)… Continue reading Best Friends and Hot Tubs